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Post-Installation Instructions

installation of expansion joint

Are the anchors, guides and supports installed according to the system design?

Is the expansion board installed in the right place?

Is the expansion board installed in the correct flow direction? (if liner is required) have the shipping restrictions been removed?

Are all the guides, supports and expansion joints free to allow for the required movements?

Has the expansion board been damaged during operation and installation?

Is the expansion board installed correctly:?

Installation length and correct alignment

Free of other objects enough to allow design movements

Maintenance: Expansion joints do not require any maintenance other than routine cleaning and/or paint to prevent external corrosion. If the expansion board is being used in a system where liquid can be formed during a stoppage and operate at high temperature where the liquid can be converted into vapor, the expansion joint must be drained before the start-up , to avoid flickering and the water hammer.

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